Video Artist

Passionate about an abstract way to deliver a new experience to audiences
Currently based in Vancouver, Canada

Born in Japan and lived there till 15 years old
Studied Film & TV (Animation) at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), The University of Melbourne, Austaralia
Received PhD in Film and TV in 2013
Studied Multimedia at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia
Received Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) in 2006

Selected Exhibition and Performance
2019 Projection Live Performance - Artist Hiroko Saigusa's Solo Exhibition - ARTIFACT Gallery, New York
2018 Projection Live Performance - Japanese Calligrapher Shingo Nozao Performance “Moeizuru” - Saitama Hall, Urawa, Saitama
2015 Video Screening - DeNA presents exhibition “REFLECTION” as part of Digital Pictures works - Design Festa Gallery Harajuku, Tokyo
2013 Video Screening, Projection Live performance - “Living Data” program - Ultimo TAFE Muse for the Ultimo Science Festival 2013 - Sydney, Australia
        Projection Live performance - Shingo Nozao's Exhibition “Ichi” opening night - Taihodo Gallery, Ehime, Japan
2012 Animation Installation Exhibition - “Time Sense” - Founder's Gallery, VCA, Australia